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Strengthen your candidature for IBS Software : 5 Cs for a better resume

We understand that some job descriptions may, at first glance, seem to fit you perfectly. Very often, a great profile fails to catch the eye of a recruiter (or the hiring manager) purely because it wasn’t effectively presented. Remember, a resume is not just a statement of your skills and accomplishments, it is most often the very first introduction you make about yourself to the company you wish to work for. Make it count.

Here are some basic tips you can follow, to ensure that your story is narrated in the best way possible, such that it will catch the eye of IBS’ recruiters.


Your resume should introduce you to us as a professional with the potential to be a great IBSian, rather than as a good person who needs a job. Be sure that it tells us what exactly you bring to the table, rather than just listing your skills and past employers. Did you merely follow instructions and write code? Or did you effectively tackle a business problem to deliver an efficient solution to the customer? If you made a positive difference to the business, tell us all about it!