Redefining travel through

technology innovation


Airline tickets have gone from paper to digital, and travel agents moved online from brick and mortar offices. These are two of the most visible indicators of a widespread evolution in the aviation business. Across the spectrum of Passenger Services, Loyalty Management, Departure Control Systems, Airline Operations, Airport Operations, Airline Cargo Management and e-Commerce, every disruption – no matter how sudden or sweeping it may seem - is driven by extensive ideation, prototyping and other efforts behind the scenes. IBS  Software is one of the elite companies in the aviation sector leading the evolution, in addition to the Travel, Cruise, Hospitality and Energy & Resource Logistics sectors. As an IBSian, you have a big role to play in the future of these industries.



Robust architectural frameworks, unique collaborative product development and an enterprise level program for continual improvement of our technological foundations enable IBS to sustain a competitive edge in the industry. We typically seek to leverage strong technological capabilities centred around Java, Angular JS, SQL, JDBC, Swing, Hibernate, Spring, and ASP.Net to unlock value for our customer businesses on multiple fronts. If you wish to be part of the IBS Software family, being able to demonstrate a skillset aligned with these would be a clear strategic advantage.

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